Announcing the Labs Small Equipment Fund

Working with the Procurement Department, we’ve launched a fund of £5,000 to help labs across the University make sure they’re using the most sustainable equipment.


Labs Small Equipment Fund - IMAGE

* NOTE: This fund  no longer exists, having been replaced by the Sustainable Campus Fund. *

Individual grants of up to £500 are available to support the following:

  • Grant funding for the purchase of sustainable new equipment
  • Top-up funding to cover the costs between ‘standard’ and ‘eco’ models where new equipment is being purchased
  • Grant funding for auxiliary equipment to ensure sustainable use of equipment e.g. Plug-in timers

Examples of equipment that could be covered by this fund include ULT freezers, drying ovens, water baths, chemical ovens, heater-stirrers, and incubators.

We seek applications to the fund to be submitted by noon on Wednesday, 2nd December 2015.

As part of any application to the fund, we require data around energy, waste and/or water reduction, and can provide tools and methodology to help with this data gathering. Applications will be judged on a case by case basis and preference will be given for those with match funding, as well as those with a low £/tonneCO2E saved ratio.

Decisions will be communicated to all applicants (successful and unsuccessful) by Wednesday 16th December 2015.

Please see document below for more details of the application process, and contact Andrew Arnott with any related questions.

Andrew Arnott

SRS Projects Coordinator (Labs)

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  • Andrew graduated from University of Aberdeen in 2006 and spent 18 months working in an environmental management role. Moving to Edinburgh at the end of 2007 he took up a role providing energy efficiency and renewable energy advice to businesses on behalf of the Energy Saving Trust. In 2010 he spent 9 months volunteering in Malawi, setting up environmental projects. Returning to the UK in 2011 he took a role in a consultancy firm providing energy efficiency, renewable energy and resource efficiency advice to public and private sector clients.