Do you need a computer? (For work)

Our PC reuse project has about 300 computers available for staff and postgraduate use. Get in touch to see if you could claim one.

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The Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability is working on a project funded by Zero Waste Scotland to improve the capacity for reuse of PC desktops at the University.

We are working with the College for Humanities & Social Science, the Estates Department, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, and local organisations Remade in Edinburgh and the Turing Trustto deliver the project.

Right now, more than 300 reconditioned computers are available. They are all at least equivalent to standard University desktops but are available free of charge to University offices.

The University of Edinburgh disposes of around 3000 PC machines annually. These machines are currently recycled, but this presents a significant opportunity for expansion of reuse beyond action already taken. Reuse in general is more environmentally sound than recycling because it curbs the resource use from producing new things, and it cuts down on impact from the recycling process itself.

If you would like to claim one of these computers, please contact Alan Peddie for more information.

Alan Peddie

Projects Coordinator

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  • Alan joined us from Estates Operations where he helped to achieve a Silver in the Sustainability Awards. He works on resource efficiency and the training that our department offers for staff and students.