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Living costs

View a breakdown of the average costs you can expect to pay while living in Edinburgh and studying at the University.

We estimate that a single student can potentially spend a maximum of £920 - 2,257 per month on living costs, depending on your accommodation.

This estimate covers the costs of: 

  • accommodation 
  • food 
  • utility bills 
  • travel within Edinburgh
  • health and wellbeing costs which includes:
    • basic personal care costs, including hygiene products, clothing and private counselling
    • health and fitness costs, such as gym or club memberships
    • entertainment costs, such as event tickets and entertainment subscriptions

Financial requirements for international students

If you are applying for a student visa, you will need to provide evidence to show you have enough money to cover your living costs while you are studying in the UK.

The financial requirement for living costs is a minimum of £1,023 for each month you will be studying in the UK.

Learn more about financial requirements for student visas

Breakdown of costs

The table below provides a breakdown of living costs.

These costs are a guide rather than a complete list of everything you need to consider. For example, if you are moving in to accommodation for university, you may also need to factor in costs for things like kitchen utensils or bedding if these are not included in your accommodation costs.

What to know about this breakdown of living costs:

  • all data included in this table was provided in September 2023

  • cost of living rates may change in response to the Consumer Price Index or the Retail Price Index

  • this guide does not include teaching costs such as books, IT equipment and field trip expenses, which will vary depending on your programme

University accommodation 

Costs Per month Per 39-week academic year Per 52-week academic year
University accommodation1 £370-1,402 £3,272-11,986 £4,395-11,808
Food2 £260 £2,535 £3,380
Mobile phone £40 £390 £520
Health and Wellbeing £200 £1,950 £2,400
Travel3 £50-57 £490-555 £650-742
Total £920-1,959 £8,637-17,416 £11,345-18,850

Private student accommodation 

Costs Per month Per 39-week academic year Per 52-week academic year
Private student accommodation4 £500-700 £5,000-7,000 £6,000-8,400
Food £260 £2,535 £3,380
  • Gas
£80 £780 £1,040
  • Electricity
£80 £780 £1,040
  • WiFi
£40 £390 £520
  • Mobile phone
£40 £390 £520
Health and wellbeing £200 £1,950 £2,400
Travel3 £50-57 £490-555 £650-742
Total £1,250-1,457 £12,315-14,380 £15,550-18,042

This range of costs covers both self-catered and catered University of Edinburgh accommodation options.

Self-catered accommodation costs are in the range of £370-1,064 per month.

Catered accommodation costs are in the range of £800-1,402 per month.

Learn more about University of Edinburgh student accommodation 

2 This cost will apply only if your accommodation is self-catered.

3 Based on Lothian Bus travel with an advance purchase Student Ridacard.

Learn more about Lothian bus tickets and fares 

Free transport by bus is available in Scotland to anyone who is under the age of 22 and has lived in Scotland for at least six months. 

Learn more about free bus travel for young people

These figures are a guide to the cost of student accommodation managed by a private company external to the University. Private rental accommodation can cost up to £1,500 per month.

Dependant on your rental agreement. University student accommodation options include utilities, such as gas, electricity and WiFi. If you have a private rental agreement, utilities costs are often separate from your monthly accommodation cost.

Help for managing your living costs

On our Students site, we have provided advice and information about managing your living costs while you study with us, including guidance on creating your student budget.

Help with living costs

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