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Live Text Q&A times for the College Admissions Teams Exhibitor Booths.

Each of the Postgraduate College Admissions Teams will be hosting live text chat for you to come and ask your questions directly to a member of the Admissions Team. While this will not be a presentation and Q&A like many of the other presentations during the Virtual Open Days, we do ask that you register your interest in attending the Text  Q&A at the Exhibitor Booth so that the Admissions Teams can staff the booths adequately.

Please ensure you attend the College Admissions Booth for the programme(s) you are interested in studying. A list of all the Colleges and relevant Schools can be found on this page, below the calendar of Admissions sessions.

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We have lots of sessions running throughout the week in addition to the School sessions which include: Keynotes, admissions Q&A, accommodation, student panels, how to write an application, careers support, fees and funding and much more. You can find the schedule of sessions below and on the booking form:

Student Support Sessions


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