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Postgraduate Virtual Open Days

Our annual Virtual Open Days event took place on 14 - 16 November.

The whole event over the course of 3 days was laid out in a very organized and easily accessible manner. Also, the faculty and students made sure to clear all the doubts of nearly everyone attending the webinar. It gave all the more reason as to why the University is one of the top ones in the world. It was very welcoming and cordial.

Event attendee, November 2022

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I really appreciated the opportunity to feel more connected to the University ahead of my application. Thank you

Event attendee, November 2023

Thank you for your interest in postgraduate study at the University of Edinburgh. Although our annual Virtual Open Days have taken place, there is a range of different events hosted during the year. For online learners, we recommend signing up for the PG Online Learning Open Days in May 2024. Please see our full calendar of events for more information.

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