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Information about the University's graduation ceremonies.


2022 Graduation Ceremonies - Latest News

The summer 2022 graduation ceremonies will take place from 4 July to 16 July 2022.

These ceremonies are currently open only to those people whose degree is not yet conferred.


2020 and 2021 Graduates

We remain committed to inviting you back to an in-person celebration in the future.

Our first ceremonies, dedicated solely to 2020 and 2021 graduates, will run in 2023.  In Spring 2022 we will announce details and how to register your interest to be included.

There are a limited number of spaces available to graduate alongside 2022 graduates in July 2022.  These spaces were offered in the first instance to Summer 2020 graduates and are currently being allocated to those who have applied to attend.   Summer 2022 graduates will be emailed the outcome of their application by Monday 25th July.

Winter 2020 graduates will be invited to apply for a space at Summer 2022 graduation ceremonies where there is still capacity.  Please be aware that some ceremonies are already full.  An invite to apply will be emailed on Monday 25th April and the remaining spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

In the meantime, please ensure we have an up to date email address for you. Further information on this is available at


Ceremony dates - summer 2022

Ceremony dates by School - including subject splits.

Information for those attending a graduation ceremony

The summer 2022 graduations will be held from 4 July to 16 July 2022.

Information for those not attending a ceremony

The information on this page is provided for those not attending a ceremony.

2020 and 2021 Graduates

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