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Information for those not attending a ceremony

The information on this page is provided for those not attending a ceremony.

When is my graduation?

All students who have their degree, diploma or certificate outcome confirmed by the Board of Examiners by Monday 17 June 2024 are eligible to graduate this summer. View the summer 2024 graduation dates

Do I have to register if I don’t want to attend my graduation ceremony?

You do not have to register to attend the graduation ceremony if you will not be attending.

If you change your mind and decide that you do want to attend the graduation ceremony, you must complete the registration form before the registration deadline, which is at noon on Monday 17 June.

However, in order to receive your degree certificate you must provide your address details via our address submission form when we ask you to do this. Your degree certificate will not be posted if you do not complete the address confirmation form; please note that it is not possible for a degree certificate to be collected by a third party.

When will I be sent my degree certificate?

If you are not attending your graduation ceremony, your degree will be conferred in absentia at the graduation ceremony. We will then send your degree certificate to the address you provide following the completion of the graduation ceremonies.

You must provide your address by 17 June for your certificate to be posted in July. 

If your address is submitted after 17 June, your certificate will be sent in August.

Confirm your address (secured)

Can I defer my graduation?

Deferrals are considered on a case by case basis, and requests should be submitted before the graduation ceremony.  Please note that the day, date, time of an alternate graduation ceremony will not be confirmed until registration for the next graduation cycle is open.  To discuss further, please contact us via the contact us button above. 

Do I have to pay a fee to graduate?

There are no graduation fees at the University of Edinburgh.

Will my name appear in the graduation programme?

Only those who attend their ceremony have their name published in the graduation programme.

Will my name appear in the newspaper?

For those graduands who are attending their ceremony, it is customary for the University to provide graduates’ details (name and degree awarded) to the Scotsman for publication on the day of graduation. 

If you are not attending a ceremony and want your name published in the Scotsman, you should email us from your student email account, by 17 June to confirm this.  Please include your UUN in the email.


“Class of the year” merchandise.

If you are not attending your graduation ceremony, but you do want your name provided to a third party for inclusion on “Class of the Year” merchandise, you should email us from your student email account, by 17 June and include your UUN.


What happens if I have outstanding debt?

Students who owe any debt to the University (this may be for rent, fines, or any other charges) must pay the outstanding debt before they graduate. Those who have outstanding tuition fees 21 days prior to the day of the graduation should contact the appropriate department to take advice on how to clear their debt.

If you do not clear your debt, you will not receive your degree certificate or other official documentation confirming your award.

How can I correct or update the name that will appear on my degree certificate?

For any official name change, such as Forenames and Surname (Family Name) please send your request by emailing us from your student email account to

For a change to your surname, enclose a copy of a form of official identification with your former name with your application, for example a driver's licence or a copy of the relevant pages of your passport.

In addition, your application should be accompanied by either a copy of a marriage or divorce certificate, or a Deed Poll certificate. Scanned copies of supporting documentation are acceptable.

All requests and supporting documentation must be received no later than 10 June.

Current students who notify us of a change of name after they have registered their intention to graduate should be aware that it may not always be possible to graduate using their new name(s). Confirm by emailing the Student Information Point at

Once you have graduated it is not possible to retrospectively change the name held on your record or produce a degree certificate and other documentation with a new name, unless a name change is covered by the Trans Equality Policy of the University.

When will I be sent my Transcript?

Your transcript is contained within a document referred to as a HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Record), which is available from your student record. We do not mail HEAR transcripts as a matter of course. If the electronic document does not meet your needs, kindly place a transcript order.

Whom should I contact if I have a query?