Finance, Human Resources and Procurement

Find out who to contact in the University with financial queries.

Financial systems

Information about the University’s financial systems is available from Finance.

Pay, gradings and promotions

Human Resources publish information on their website regarding salary, pay, gradings and promotions.


The Procurement Office helps select the best suppliers and achieve best overall value for money whether from Departmental or Research funds.

Who should you contact?

Contact Finance

  • salary - net pay
  • tax code query
  • mortgage provider enquiries
  • change of bank details
  • sickness entitlement
  • council tax rebate forms
  • P60, P45, P46, P38 queries

Contact Human Resources

  • salary - contractual matters, for example changing pay grades
  • change of home address
  • change of address for Pay Advice
  • change of name
  • new maternity cases
  • work permits