Perspectival Realism – professor’s new book examines new approach to philosophy of science

The latest book by Philosophy Professor Michela Massimi is now available.

Perspective Realism book cover

Perspectival realism is a novel view in philosophy of science that takes a three-pronged interdisciplinary approach which combines the philosophy of science with scientific practice, the history of science and the history of philosophy.

Professor Massimi’s book explores how scientific knowledge grows and evolves thanks to a plurality of epistemic communities occupying a number of scientific perspectives. The result is a philosophical view that goes under the name of "perspectival realism", and it offers a new lens for thinking about scientific knowledge, realism and pluralism in science.

“This book is the end product of over ten years of work. I am very grateful to the European Research Council whose Consolidator Grant facilitated the interdisciplinary collaborations through which the vision for this book became possible.”

Perspectival Realism is available now through Oxford University Press.

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