The latest news from the Philosophy department

Professor Michael Cholbi honoured by Royal Institute of Philosophy for essay on emotions

Royal Institute of Philosophy building
Personal Chair in Philosophy named as joint winner of the annual prize for his essay ‘Empathy and Psychopaths’ Inability to Grieve’

Philosophy Professor’s Book Wins Prestigious Lakatos Award

Michela Massimi Philosophy of Science image
Michela Massimi wins the prize for her book, “Perspectival Realism”.

Philosophy tutor wins teaching award

Philosophy PhD candidate and Student Tutor of the Year, Camden McKenna, on winning a EUSA Teaching Award, inspiring students and overcoming adversity.

Philosophy lecturer to appear alongside thrilling speaker line up at sell-out philosophy and arts festival

Dr Mazviita Chirimuuta will join a host of scholars not to mention musicians and comedians at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival this weekend.

End of life ethics experts back Assisted Dying Bill for Scotland

Philosophers and ethical experts, including Edinburgh Professors Michael Gill and Michael Cholbi, announce their support for the Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults Scotland Bill today.

Alfred Edward Taylor Lecture

25th A. E. Taylor Lecture: Stoic everlasting recurrence

Professor publishes book on the work of the Philosophy of Beauty

Professor Michael Gill’s book examines how the third Earl of Shaftesbury’s theories profoundly shaped modern ideas.

Edinburgh Professors to lead AHRC Programme on AI

Two Edinburgh researchers will lead a project to ensure artificial intelligence (AI) and data are used responsibly and ethically across society and industry.

The Tinkering Mind: Philosophy professor’s new book takes a fresh look at epistemic agency

Epistemic agency is to take responsibility over one’s own learning efforts and advancement of understanding. But what does this mean?

Black Male Studies Professor Delivers Keynote at Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference

Professor Tommy J Curry gave the keynote address "Is Black Male Studies an End?: What Is Left for Philosophy after the Disaggregation of Racist Violence?"