The latest news from the Philosophy department

PPLS student becomes latest ambassador for UK leading charity

Ben Isbell associated image
Philosophy and Politics student, Ben Isbell, has become the latest ambassador for The OddBalls Foundation, the UK’s leading charity raising awareness of Testicular Cancer.

Perspectival Realism – professor’s new book examines new approach to philosophy of science

Michela Massimi Philosophy of Science image
The latest book by Philosophy Professor Michela Massimi is now available.

Philosophy Professor honoured with prestigious award

Shannon Vallor - Technomoral Futures
Professor Shannon Vallor was presented with the Covey Award at the International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP) 2022 Conference at Santa Clara University last week.

Philosophy professor publishes new book on epistemic normativity

The latest book by Philosophy Professor Matthew Chrisman is now available.

Philosophy Professor appears at philosophy and music festival

Professor TJ Curry @ HowTheLightGetsIn
This weekend saw Professor Tommy Curry face an audience slightly different to the one he is accustomed to as he took part in the HowTheLightGetsIn festival in Hay on Wye.

Philosophy lecturer presents his latest book: The Open Future

The Open Future: Why Future Contingents are All False.

Philosophy professor to deliver keynote speech at The Lemon Project

Professor Tommy Curry will deliver the keynote speech at The 12th Annual Lemon Project Spring Symposium at the College of William & Mary on Friday, 25 March.

Grief: A Philosophical Guide

Cholbi Grief book news associated image
Professor Michael Cholbi’s ground-breaking book examining grief is available now.

Oxford University Press names PPLS Professor’s paper as one the 'Best of Philosophy' 2021

Congratulations to Professor of Philosophy Tommy Curry whose paper appears in OUP’s list.

Philosophy professor secures £690k to lead on new research project

Shannon Vallor - Technomoral Futures
Professor Shannon Vallor to be principal investigator on a UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Programme: Responsibility Grant, funded by ESPRC