Philosophy Professor Elected to German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

Professor Michela Massimi has been recognised by one of the world’s leading scholarly societies.

Professor Michela Massimi office photo

The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina was founded in 1652 as a classical scholarly society that champions the appreciation of science. It promotes a scientifically enlightened society and the responsible application of scientific insight for the benefit of humankind and the natural world. In its interdisciplinary discourse that transcends thematic, political and cultural boundaries it is also an advocate of human rights.

Professor Massimi’s election comes from nominations made by the renowned colleagues who make up the current membership of Leopoldina. Elections are made based on strict standards of scientific excellence.

It is an incredible honour to be elected member of the Leopoldina with its long history dating back to 1652. I very much look forward to working with colleagues in the sciences, in philosophy of science (my field) and all other fields and to contributing to ongoing debates at the intersection of philosophy, science, and policy.

Professor Michela Massimi

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