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Listen to Psychology lecturer on the latest episode of anthrozoology podcast

Developmental and social psychologist, Dr Matti Wilks talks about her research investigating the barriers to moral and prosocial behaviour on the podcast ‘The Deal with Animals’.

Matti Wilkes

The Deal with Animals is an anthrozoology podcast which aims to shed light on the connection and interaction between humans and animals. The podcast is hosted by Marika Bell, a certified professional dog trainer with an MA in Anthrozoology from the University of Exeter.

The current series of the show, Children and Other Animals, focusses on the ways that children think about and see animals, specifically whether attitudes towards animals are formed in early childhood.

Matti is currently researching the concept of moral circle expansion.

This work examines the reasons we use to shape who we do and don’t care about such as the intelligence of the entity that we are judging, as well as factors about ourselves that shape our moral circles.

“It was a fun opportunity to chat with and learn from someone who has similar questions to me, but approaches them from a completely different perspective. Podcasts are great as they provide an opportunity to share my research in an informal way with a brand new audience.” Dr Matti Wilks.

Listen to the podcast now:

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