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Autostainer, Leica Bond III

Contact details and costs for the Leica Bond III autostainer.

Helen Caldwell   h.caldwell@ed.ac.uk

+44 (0)131 651 8786


Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

University of Edinburgh

Western General Hospital

Crewe Road South

Edinburgh EH4 2XR

The histology service can now provide high quality automated IHC staining on our new Leica Bond III autostainer.

The Bond III can stain up to 30 slides at any one time using various protocols as required in less time than a manual run. The autostainer is also very flexible as there are no limits to the reagents that can be used, meaning that your current preferred antibodies can be used.

Leica have a large” Ready to use” selection of antibodies which are ideal for using on their Bond range of autostainers.

And as well as single staining, a dual staining protocol is also available.

Cost per slide

£8.65       primary antibody to be supplied