Edinburgh Pathology

Slide Scanner, Hamamatsu Nanozoomer

Contact details and costs for the Hamamatsu Nanozoomer.

Helen Caldwell   h.caldwell@ed.ac.uk

+44 (0)131 651 8786


Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre

University of Edinburgh

Western General Hospital

Crewe Road South

Edinburgh EH4 2XR

The Hamamatsu Nanozoomer slide scanner is capable of scanning slides both in brightfield and fluorescence light, which can produce high quality images for further analysis as well as publications.

Contact Helen for on-site training.

 Book the Nanozoomer

The Hamamatsu Nanozoomer at the Easter Bush Campus can be booked through the Outlook Calendar. Select "NANOZOOMER slide scanner" from the Global address list.


A £20 per hour charge is applied to all bookings,  this is to cover service and maintenance costs of the scanner.