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Mentoring Connections

The Mentoring Connections programme is open to all staff and connections can be made through our online resource, Platform One.

If you would like to register as a Mentor, Mentee or both, please take a few minutes to create your Platform One profile using your EASE login.  If you are looking for a Mentor, this will give you access to all available support profiles.  If you would like to offer support as a Mentor yourself, you should go on to create an additional support profile outlining the type of support you can offer and what type of individual may benefit from your mentorship.

Platform One

You may find our help document Making Connections Using Platform One useful for hints and tips on registering, creating your profile and making connections through Platform One.

Platform One is not just a staff mentoring platform, it’s the university's new digital community; an online platform that allows students, staff and alumni to gather together in a single location and share advice, knowledge and experiences.

We have a wealth of resources available if you’re new to Mentoring or would like further guidance, please take a look at the Resources and tools section of our website.


Resources, Tools and Training

If you have any queries or feedback, please email the Learning and Development team directly:

Email Learning and Development

Introduction to mentoring

How we define mentoring, aims of mentoring, how a partnership may work and typical time commitment

Information for mentees

Topics you may want to discuss in a mentoring partnership and potential benefits of mentoring

Information for mentors

Roles a mentor can take on and potential benefits of being a mentor

Mentoring Process

The staff Mentoring Connections programme is open and connections can be made through our online resource, Platform One:

Resources, Tools and Training

Videos, training and advice on how to foster a positive mentoring relationship