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Mentoring Process

The staff Mentoring Connections programme is open and connections can be made through our online resource, Platform One:

Platform One

How to register as a Mentor 

  1. Review Information for mentors
  2. Creat a Platform One profile
  3. Create a “support” profile outlining the key skills and knowledge you have to offer
  4. Select the levels of support you are comfortable providing (can be updated later)
  5. Select the number of Mentees you are comfortable supporting at any one time (can be updated later)
  6. Await One to One request from Mentee
  7. Review request and decide if you are happy to provide support
  8. Set up initial meeting to discuss
  9. Mentoring begins
  10. Ongoing support is available if needed
  11. Mentoring partnership ends at any time (typically after 6 to 12 months)
  12. Complete feedback survey

Information for Mentors

How to register as a Mentee

  1. Decide on what you would like to gain from having a mentor and create objectives
  2. Review Information for mentees
  3. Create a Platform One Profile
  4. Search for a suitable Mentor from available Support profiles
  5. Send One to One Mentor request
  6. Await mentoring confirmation from potential Mentor
  7. Set up initial meeting to discuss
  8. Mentoring begins
  9. Ongoing support is available
  10. Mentoring partnership ends at any time (typically after 6 to 12 months)
  11. Complete feedback survey

You may find the Making Connections Using Platform One document helpful for creating an impactful profile and suggestions for using the platform to connect with a Mentor.


Information for Mentees

Platform One

We recommend that you review the mentoring resources as well as these information pages ahead of applying so that you understand what mentoring is and the level of commitment required.


What Mentoring is