Human Resources

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring provide you with one to one and group support to help you develop in your role and career.

Mentoring Connections

The Mentoring Connections programme is open to all staff and connections can be made through our online resource, Platform One.

Coaching (secured)

Access to external accredited coaches to support you in a range of areas including leadership development, achieving wellbeing and balance and navigating your way through change and transitions.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring offers you the opportunity connect with a colleague to give and receive support.

Peer Mentoring & Discussion Groups

An essential part of our development programmes, find out more about how peer mentoring and discussion groups could be of benefit to you and access resources to help you set these up with your team.

Staff BAME Network Mentoring Programme

A mentoring programme offered by the Staff BAME Network