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Access to external accredited coaches to support you in a range of areas including leadership development, achieving wellbeing and balance and navigating your way through change and transitions.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a confidential space where a qualified coach creates conditions that enable you to do your own best thinking. They will use observation, questioning, listening and feedback to provide insights for dealing with situations; giving encouragement and building confidence.

The benefits of accessing coaching include:

  • Sharpened personal & people leadership skills
  • A greater sense of clarity & direction
  • Improved confidence and sense of wellbeing
  • A better & more consistent performance

Watch a short presentation explaining more about what coaching can offer here:

Digital Coaching Introduction

Who can benefit from coaching?

All staff can benefit from coaching. It can help you to deal with specific work opportunities or challenges, build confidence or development your professional skills. Coaching can help give you a greater sense of clarity and direction within your role, or outside of work.

Coaching is particularly useful for those in management or senior leadership roles, as it can support in developing leadership skills, and can be a key way for leaders, managers and specialists to stay ahead of the curve. Various external factors have led to increased pressures on leaders and on line managers to ensure that their staff are supported and happy at work. Coaching can support you, to help you better support your staff.

Our provider

We have been working with the Digital Coaching provider Know You More since May 2020.

They are an award-winning provider of virtual coaching having delivered over 2000 hours of coaching since 2016.   Their 150 qualified and accredited coaches have experience of working with Higher Education Institutions, NHS Trust, charities and private sector organisations.

They are a social enterprise with 15% of their profits are returned to community programmes offering pro-bono coaching focusing on the development of young people. 

Know You More

Next steps

Costs for coaching will be met by departmental budgets and are as follows:

  • £240 per 1-hour coaching session
  • Each coaching relationship will last between 3-5 sessions

N.B. If you are a Head of School or Director of Professional Service (or in an equivalent role) coaching is currently being funded centrally.

Once you have gained budget approval, you can register via the Know You More platform:

Digital Coaching Registration - Heads of School and DOPS

Digital Coaching Registration - All Staff

For any queries about coaching email Learning and Organisation Development:

Email Learning and Organisation Development

Returning parents coaching 

Coaching is available to support your transition back to work after Maternity Leave, Shared Parental Leave or Adoption/Surrogacy Leave. Find out more:

Returning parents coaching

Feedback & Case Studies

Learn more about the impact of coaching and hear personal stories.

Coaching Toolkit

Develop your own coaching skills using our curated range of resources in the coaching toolkit.