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Mentoring Connections

The staff Mentoring Connections programme

Mentoring provides a time and space to talk through a variety of issues that affect you at various stages of you career and development; for example, work life balance, career development, or promotion paths.

In the past our Mentoring Connections programme for staff has had open and closing dates.  We are now working to implement a database of searchable Mentors which is available to potential Mentees 24/7.

We hope to launch this new system early in 2019 so please watch this space for further updates and information or register your interest here:

Register here

If you have any queries in the meantime, please contact Ruth Miller directly.

Email Ruth Miller

Introduction to mentoring

How we define mentoring, aims of mentoring, how a partnership may work and typical time commitment

Register your interest

Mentors and mentees can apply at any time to take part in the mentoring connections programme.

Information for mentees

Topics you may want to discuss in a mentoring partnership and potential benefits of mentoring

Information for mentors

Roles a mentor can take on and potential benefits of being a mentor

Mentoring Process

With the introduction of our new Mentoring Connections online resource – Platform One – the new programme process will be very different.  Once you have reviewed the resources within these pages and are sure that you would like to join the Mentoring programme, we expect the new process to be as follows:

Resources and tools

Videos and advice on how to foster a positive mentoring relationship

Role of Champion

A local mentoring Champion adds considerable benefit to the success of mentoring in your School, Institute or Department