The University and Europe

Current students

Information for current EU and Erasmus students at the University of Edinburgh.

The University of Edinburgh prepares students for global futures. Many of Edinburgh’s graduates progress to careers outside the UK. Degrees from the University of Edinburgh will continue to be recognised by employers and universities across Europe and the rest of the world. The UK’s membership of the European Higher Education Area is unaffected by its EU member status.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students

There is no change as a result of the vote. Your immigration status has not changed as a result of the referendum. The fee levels that you are currently charged have not changed as a result of the referendum, and neither has your access to any support you receive from the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS).

The Scottish Government has confirmed, following the referendum, that "there has been no change in current funding arrangements and that eligible EU students already studying in Scotland or commencing their studies in the coming months will continue to benefit from free tuition and, for those who meet the residency requirement, associated living cost support."

This above advice also holds true for students with dual nationality, i.e. domiciled outside the EU but holding an EU passport.

Scottish Government statement: "Reassurance for EU students"

Research Councils UK (RCUK) fees-only funded students

EU students are presently eligible for fees-only funding under Research Council support for postgraduate training. EU students eligible for RCUK support under current rules will continue to be eligible for RCUK fees-only support if currently undertaking or about to start in the 2016/17 academic year, and will continue to receive fees-only funding for the duration of their courses. Future funding arrangements for EU students will be determined as part of the UK’s discussions on its future relationship.

Research Councils UK statement on international collaboration

Erasmus students

Edinburgh students currently studying at an Erasmus partner institution overseas

Your immigration status in your host country has not changed as a result of the referendum and you will continue to be eligible for your Erasmus grant funding.

Erasmus partner students currently studying in Edinburgh

Your immigration status in the UK has not changed as a result of the referendum and you will continue to be eligible for your Erasmus grant funding.

Current students planning to take part in the Erasmus scheme

Information for Erasmus applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

As the UK prepares to exit the European Union, we understand that this is an uncertain and anxious time for many people. The University has drawn up a list of Frequently Asked Questions on Brexit for students at Edinburgh:

Student FAQs on Brexit (27 October 2017)

Rights of Residence for EEA Nationals (17 March 2017)