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Sharing materials aligns with University of Edinburgh’s mission and we have lots of resources available for others to use to enhance their practice and learning.

Moray House Online

Moray House Staff and Students are supporting online learning by creating Moray House Online, a resource to support home and blended learning, and ways to support the health and wellbeing of young people and their families during a very challenging time.

Moray House Online

Call Scotland 

Call Scotland help children and young people across Scotland to overcome disability and barriers to learning created by their environment, and to fulfil their potential. They have a range of services, resources, advice and information available to all. 

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School of Engineering resources

The School of Engineering has fantastic research facilities, laboratories and resources. Find out more about how the School of Engineering can help you with your research, whether that be for study or business.

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Open Education Resources (OERs) are online resources that are available for others to use to support learning.  They are part of a worldwide movement to promote and support sustainable educational development – the use of the term ”OER” is attributed to a UNESCO workshop in 2002. The sharing of open educational materials is in line not only with University of Edinburgh’s mission but also with a global movement in which research-led institutions play a significant role.

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School of Chemistry resources

This is a selection of web-based resources that we hope you will find useful. If you come across a brilliant resource, please let us know!

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Teaching Chemistry in the class room (for teachers)

Law School resources

This data comic, and associated worksheets, were developed in order to consolidate and summarise a substantial body of research that had been produced over more than twenty years by members of the Law School at the University of Edinburgh.

How crime has changed in Scotland

Resources for schools

Here you'll find a list of projects that have happened in schools across the Edinburgh City Region, plus recources for pupils. 

Working in schools

A helpful resource on language evolution with an activity sheet for older pupils:

What if we could understand how and why languages evolve?

Activity sheet for older pupils