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A celebration of European culture

European student Moa Bell tells us about the first DELC Festival of European Theatre and how involvement behind the scenes has enriched her experience of life at the University of Edinburgh.

The DELC Festival of European Theatre stages plays in four languages - Italian, German, French and Spanish - over a two week period in March 2019.

While language plays have been running at Edinburgh for a number of years, variously organised by students and staff in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) and Students’ Association Theatre Societies, this is the first time they’ve come together as a Festival.

Describing the event as “a celebration of European culture here in Edinburgh”, Moa Bell of Les Escogriffes French Theatre Society reflects that, for European students like her, “it’s a chance to bring [that] culture to light”.

As Treasurer of Les Escogriffes this year, Moa has been involved in the Festival’s co-ordination since the play organisers first signed a contract with venue, Assembly Roxy.

Developing collaboration and communications skills

Organising the Festival has been a student-based initiative, led and supported by the University, including through the involvement of staff such as Julia Feike (DAAD Lektorin in German) and Carlo Pirozzi (Teaching Fellow in Italian).

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes. As a co-ordinator, Moa has been working on fundraising events and applying for external funds.

“What it’s added to my university experience is quite rich because I get to know a lot of different languages and cultures”, Moa says, adding “I’m an Ecology student based at King’s Buildings, so being able to work with the Department of European Languages and Cultures [in LLC] is something I’ve never been able to do before.”

“I’ve also learnt a lot [and] built on my collaboration and communications skills. Working with four plays is quite a lot and so to bring them together is interesting, but still quite a lot of work.”

Les Escogiffes' feminist adaption of Molière’s classic comedy, Les Femmes Savantes, is at Assembly Roxy as part of the DELC Festival of European Theatre on Friday 22nd March 2019.

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