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From summer school to masters - part two

Can Öztürk charts his path from the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School in 2016 to graduating with an MSc in Literature and Modernity in 2018.

In 2016, Can Öztürk was selected to join the SUISS Modernism programme, one of three courses in ‘Text and Context’ at the Scottish Universities’ International Summer School (SUISS).

Based at the University of Edinburgh, the 12-day interdisciplinary course examines modernist literature from Britain and Ireland in the context of the modern period’s key societal and cultural developments.

“It was the last summer before I graduated [in English Language and Literature/Letters from Bilkent University] in Turkey”, Can tells us, “so my experience at SUISS greatly influenced my decision to study at the University of Edinburgh for my masters degree. I was going to apply to some universities in London. My experience at SUISS changed all that."

Edinburgh is a magnificent backdrop for doing literary studies or creative writing. Living for a couple of weeks in Edinburgh, and particularly right next to Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Park, is an unforgettable experience.”

An excellent primer for masters study

“I believe one of the most beneficial things SUISS courses offer”, says Can, “is an academic experience that turns out to be an amazing preparation for a masters degree in literary studies or creative writing.”

“The seminars were led by enthusiastic academics and writers, and the groups were culturally very diverse, which helped incredibly in uncovering different ways of thinking about texts and contexts. There were also many events to take you around different parts of Edinburgh and reveal to you its many beauties.

“My MSc at the University of Edinburgh was very similar to the programme SUISS offers. The daily lectures helped familiarise me with canonical texts from the modernist period, and the seminars which followed created a fantastic environment for intellectual debate around these texts. The staff are highly qualified and there's a fantastic library as well.”

“I am, thankfully, still in contact with many of the people I met at SUISS, students and tutors/directors alike.”

SUISS helped me establish a fantastic friendly network with a global reach in one of the most stunning cities in the world – I believe many people who attended would agree.

Can Öztürk, SUISS participant and Literature and Modernity MSc graduate

The Scottish Universities’ International Summer School (SUISS) Text and Context - Modernism Programme 2019 runs from 8th - 20th July at the University of Edinburgh.

Applications are open until Monday 29th April 2019.

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Our one-year taught Masters programme considers the ways literature since 1900 has sought to change and ‘modernise’ itself, in the context of wider developments of modernity characterising the age.

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