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News and features from the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

Spotlight on… health and wellbeing

We talk to Kai O'Doherty from the Students' Association, and our own Undergraduate Director, Chris Perkins, about getting Semester Two off to a positive, healthy start.

Why does Korea matter to the UK?

We talk to Dr Youngmi Kim about the importance of developing our understanding of Korea.

Meet our graduates: Mairi Wilson

An English Literature graduate, Mairi now works as a copywriter for Cello Signal. She is the author of the company’s perspective piece on social media and the Christmas advert race.

Year abroad stories: Eliot Benvie

A French and Spanish MA (Hons) student, Eliot is spending his year in Madrid teaching English through the British Council.

Eight fantastic graduates share their ‘life after LLC’ stories

Final year students hear from languages and literature alumni on making the most of their chosen degrees.

Supporting our students for success

Chris Perkins, Director of Undergraduate Studies, writes about our online student support hub.

St Andrew’s Day marks official reopening of the School of Scottish Studies Archives

Scottish Ethnology students, past and present, reflect on what the Archives mean to them.

Meet our graduates: Ella Leith

Having studied Scottish Ethnology as both an undergraduate and postgraduate, Ella has developed particular expertise in British Sign Language storytelling in Scottish deaf communities.

Travelling light

We talk to School Rep, Georgie Harris, about mental health and wellbeing while studying abroad.

Five reasons to study abroad

Recent graduate, Aleksandra Milewicz, talks about her experiences of spending a year in Russia.