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News and features from the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures.

Swapping the classroom for the screening room at this year’s ESFF

We talk to Film Studies MSc students, Nina Halton and Dumitrita Pacicovschi, about their involvement in the fourth Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival.

Meet our graduates: Bruce Thomson

Having recently completed an MA (Hons) degree in Scandinavian Studies, Bruce has gone on to win an Emerging Translator Mentorship funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Meet our graduates: Carolina Orloff

A Latin American Literature PhD graduate, Carolina is the co-founder of publishing house, Charco Press.

Putting the Welcome into Welcome Week

We talk to two Welcome Week helpers about meeting and greeting new students and helping them settle in to LLC.

From Asian Studies classroom to the BBC studio

Teaching Fellow, Dr Lauren Richardson, talks to us about East Asian Relations and its relevance for understanding the current global political climate.

Student reading group grows into funded collaboration on literature and philosophy

We talk to the OverLAP team about their journey from kitchen conversation to international conference.

Sharing a love of literature with over 12,000 people around the world

PhD student, Anna Girling, talks to us about her role as a Teaching Assistant on the 'How to Read a Novel' MOOC.

PhD graduate wins Celtic and Scottish Studies’ second Zeuss Prize in two years

Photo of the Zeuss Prize winner
Dr Anne Macleod Hill has been awarded Societas Celtologica Europaea’s prize for best new PhD thesis.

Spotlight on... LLC at the summer festivals

Word and Music Studies at Edinburgh
As Edinburgh celebrates its 70th anniversary as a world-leading festival city, we take a look at the range of events our staff and students are involved in this summer.

Playwriting students’ work ‘pre-views’ at Traverse Theatre

Extracts from new plays by five students on our MSc in Playwriting programme are being read for a public audience as part of the 70th Edinburgh Festival Fringe.