English and Scottish Literature

G, 10-19 Bad Fail

These are the qualities associated with the grade G, 10-19 Bad Fail*.

*In examinations this mark will often involve seriously short measure or incomplete answers.

Knowledge Range [breadth/depth] Seriously inadequate, with major omissions and/or serious inaccuracies.
Command of Material Serious inadequacies in knowledge base, which wholly compromise response to material.
Awareness of Scholarship Little or no awareness of relevant literature and major issues surrounding a topic.
Argument & analysis Focus on Question Wholly irrelevant.
Clarity of Structure Wholly incoherent and/or lacking in logical development.
Analytical Skills and Independence of Thought No evidence of critical awareness or insight; descriptive narrative of dubious relevance to topic; no evidence of independent thought.
Use & Evaluation of Evidence Marks at this level will have major omissions and/or misinterpretations of evidence.
Language & Expression Clarity, Organisation & Accuracy Very unclear, even garbled.
Grammar & Syntax Very weak syntax and many grammatical errors.
Spelling Egregious errors.
Fluency of Writing Incoherent and/or compromised by lack of content.
Scholarly apparatus Accuracy & Consistency of Referencing As E, but with even greater failing, including near or complete absence.
Accuracy & Consistency of Works Cited list As E, but with even greater failing, including near or complete absence.