English and Scottish Literature

E, 30-39, Fail

These are the qualities associated with the grade : E , 30-39, Fail: Falls short of the standard expected for a pass*.

*In examinations this mark may indicate short measure, incomplete answers or rubric violation.

Knowledge Range [breadth/depth] Inadequate, no evidence of independent reading and with inaccuracies or incompleteness.
Command of Material Vague response to inadequate reading. Derivative if accurate.
Awareness of Scholarship Very poor grasp of relevant literature and major issues surrounding a topic.
Argument & analysis Focus on Question Largely irrelevant.
Clarity of Structure Largely incoherent and/or lacking in logical development.
Analytical Skills and Independence of Thought No evidence of critical awareness or insight; descriptive narrative of dubious relevance to topic; no evidence of independent thought.
Use & Evaluation of Evidence Little evidence used which is poorly deployed and/or serious misinterpretation of evidence.
Language & Expression Clarity, Organisation & Accuracy Unclear and imprecise.
Grammar & Syntax Weak syntax, with grammatical errors.
Spelling Many inaccuracies.
Fluency of Writing Poorly written and lacking coherence.
Scholarly apparatus Accuracy & Consistency of Referencing Very poorly referenced, with clear failing in accuracy, consistency and judgement.
Accuracy & Consistency of Works Cited list Very weak in all areas.