English and Scottish Literature

C, 50-59, II.ii: Good

These are the qualities associated with the grade C, 50-59, II.ii: Good.

Knowledge Range [breadth/depth] Sound, adequately assimilated, with some evidence of independent reading, but lacking important detail and with occasional inaccuracies.
Command of Material Accurate but perhaps overly dependent on lectures and seminar discussions, sometimes uncertain in setting out and handling of main aspects of either texts or topic.
Awareness of Scholarship Good awareness of relevant literature and major issues surrounding a topic, though more rigorous and thoroughgoing engagement would be desirable.
Argument & analysis Focus on Question Mainly relevant to the question but with some unevenness; perhaps not managing to examine its terms completely successfully.
Clarity of Structure Coherent and logically developed but with some areas of weakness in terms of ambiguity and/or repetition.
Analytical Skills and Independence of Thought Mostly successful engagement with the evidence/question, though perhaps not addressing its terms successfully or fully; broadly analytical but sometimes tending overly toward description and/or narration; perhaps only occasional evidence of independent thought.
Use & Evaluation of Evidence Satisfactory deployment of primary textual evidence in support of argument, though perhaps overly dependent on examples from lectures and seminar discussions; sometimes uncritical reliance on the judgements expressed in secondary sources.
Language & Expression Clarity, Organisation & Accuracy Generally clear and precise, but some inconsistencies; paragraphing not always supportive of the development of an argument.
Grammar & Syntax Varied grammar and syntax which may contain some errors.
Spelling Mainly accurate.
Fluency of Writing Reasonably fluid but with some awkwardness.
Scholarly apparatus Accuracy & Consistency of Referencing Mainly accurate and consistent, but with occasional anomalies in referencing.
Accuracy & Consistency of Works Cited list Largely reliable , but with weaknesses in some areas.