English and Scottish Literature

B, 60-69, II.i: Very Good

These are the qualities associated with the grade B, 60-69, II.i: Very Good.

Knowledge Range [breadth/depth] Extensive and detailed but perhaps slightly uneven, mostly well assimilated, with clear evidence of independent reading.
Command of Material Confident and highly competent, with a clear and assured grasp of the most relevant features of primary texts and main aspects of the topic.
Awareness of Scholarship Conversant with immediately relevant literature and major issues surrounding a topic, though perhaps lacking consistently firm grasp of wider contexts.
Argument & analysis Focus on Question Addresses the question directly, thoroughly and consistently; interrogates its terms capably and to good effect.
Clarity of Structure Coherent, logical structure, consistently and effectively developed.
Analytical Skills and Independence of Thought Critically sound, constituting a serious attempt to engage with the question in an analytical way and showing clear evidence of a perceptive response to the material, though without fully drawing out some potentially relevant nuances and implications; some original insight and evidence of independent thought.
Use & Evaluation of Evidence Persuasive use of primary textual evidence in support of argument, though perhaps without a consistently sophisticated focus on telling detail; confident, analytical and accurate handling of an appropriate range of secondary sources.
Language & Expression Clarity, Organisation & Accuracy Clear and generally precise; paragraphing generally expresses and supports the development of the argument.
Grammar & Syntax Varied syntax; correct grammar.
Spelling Accurate.
Fluency of Writing Fluent.
Scholarly apparatus Accuracy & Consistency of Referencing Accurate, consistent, and mainly well judged and appropriate, but possibly some omissions or over-elaboration, and occasional misjudgement as to where a reference is necessary.
Accuracy & Consistency of Works Cited list Complete and accurate, perhaps occasional weakness in consistency and organisation.