English and Scottish Literature

D, 40-49, III: Satisfactory

These are the qualities associated with the grade D, 40-49, III: Satisfactory.

Knowledge Range [breadth/depth] Adequate but superficial, with little evidence of independent reading and with some omissions or inaccuracies.
Command of Material Unspecific, derivative use of material with a broadly patchy grasp of primary texts and main aspects of the topic.
Awareness of Scholarship Generally weak grasp and handling of relevant literature and major issues surrounding a topic.
Argument & analysis Focus on Question Some relevance but lack of focus.
Clarity of Structure Discernible argument but lacking coherence
Analytical Skills and Independence of Thought Little evidence of critical awareness or insight, descriptive rather than analytical; little or no evidence of independent thought.
Use & Evaluation of Evidence Poor deployment of evidence in support of argument.
Language & Expression Clarity, Organisation & Accuracy Lacking clarity and precision
Grammar & Syntax Simple syntax, with some grammatical errors.
Spelling Significant number of inaccuracies.
Fluency of Writing Lacking fluency; some awkwardness.
Scholarly apparatus Accuracy & Consistency of Referencing Inconsistent in formulation of references and in decisions about when a reference is appropriate.
Accuracy & Consistency of Works Cited list Clear weaknesses in some areas.