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EdWeb distribution

The EdWeb distribution is a fully functional copy of the EdWeb Central Content Management System (CMS), but allows developers a more flexible approach.

EdWeb distribution End of Life

The EdWeb distribution uses Drupal 7 core functionality which is coming to End of Life November 1st 2023. Details on next steps will be communicated directly with EdWeb distribution users.

No new websites should be created with the EdWeb distribution

What is it?

While the central EdWeb service provides a centrally managed and supported service, the EdWeb distribution offers Schools, Colleges and business units with the required technical expertise, the opportunity to change, modify and customise the CMS to meet their particular local business needs.

Who is it for?

The EdWeb distribution is only appropriate for those with the required technical skills, so for the majority of site owners, EdWeb central presents the best option. 

If you are technically skilled and have more complex site requirements, the EdWeb distribution offers additional flexibility and a means to customise and develop your website within the context of the EdWeb brand and structure.  

If you are trying to decide whether the EdWeb distribution is for you, the table below summarises some of the main differences between the two services.

EdWeb Central EdWeb Distribution
Hosting & hardware dealt with for you Organise your own hosting  (IS could supply if required)
Full user training  Central training – depends how you change the CMS
Full user support Central support – depends how you change the CMS
Security patches, upgrades, testing etc dealt with for you Patches, upgrades must be implemented and tested by you (IS distribute)
Website design prescribed from a set range of options Design output to meet your needs, with the EdGEL to help inform your decisions (see 2.2 below)
Internal links across sites will be checked and assured Links to other sites need to be checked
Feature list of functionality prioritised to serve the majority Customise your CMS to more closely meet your needs
Content sharing University-wide Content sharing limited to your site
User management handled for you if you want it User management must be managed locally
URL in the form provided URL options more open e.g.;

How do I get it?

The EdWeb distribution wiki contains detailed information on the installation and configuration of the distribution service as well as how to access it on the distribution website and available channels for support.

Distribution users are encouraged to register when they download the distribution to stay in touch with the central team and other distribution users in the University. 

EdWeb distribution wiki (requires University login)