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The Edinburgh Global Experience Language (EdGEL) is a set of best practice guidelines, explicit style guides and tools that describe design principles to support the University brand.

What is EdGEL?

EdGEL is a collaborative development between University Website Publishing, Communications & Marketing and IS Applications division, supporting best practice in the promotion of the University brand.

Originally developed as a toolkit to support the design evolution of the EdWeb CMS, the long term goal is for EdGEL to fully support a consistent University digital experience and for it to be used by core University services.

What does EdGEL provide?

In addition to guidelines and documentation, the most important characteristic of EdGEL is that it makes available live code examples of design elements and patterns, available EdWeb content type outputs and work in progress. A full copy of all the latest code is available to download to facilitate quicker delivery of digital output.

Edinburgh GEL website