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Looking for a new EdWeb site?

What you need to do if you’d like to create a new EdWeb site, or want to move a site into EdWeb.

EdWeb is a great tool with intuitive functionality and responsive abilities across various digital platforms. You may be interested in building your site in this CMS

Child sites

If you’re looking to create a child site of an existing EdWeb site (for example,, you must contact the lead publisher of the parent site who will be able to create a homepage for you.

New child site wiki guidance for section lead publishers [University login needed]

Root-level sites

If you would like to request a new root-level site (for example,, you will need to complete our request form below.

Requesting a brand new root-level EdWeb site

EdWeb is currently being migrated into the latest version of the platform, and new root level sites within the existing EdWeb platform cannot be created at this time. It is expected that new sites will be built in the new Website Publishing Platform (WPP) upon completion of the migration process. 

If you require a new site, please complete the requesting a band new site form on the EdWeb support wiki and you will be contacted when the new platform opens to new site requests.

Requesting a brand new site (not a child of existing content) – EdWeb Support [University login needed]

More information about the Web Publishing Platform project can be found on the Website and Communications blog.

Website and Communications Blog

It’s never too early

Remember that the CMS is only part of the picture. If you are hoping to build a site in EdWeb it is never too early to begin your preparations. Our training and support resources can be very useful when preparing your content.

Training, support and resources