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Looking for a new EdWeb site?

What you need to do if you’d like to create a new EdWeb site, or want to move a site into EdWeb.

EdWeb is a great tool with intuitive functionality and responsive abilities across various digital platforms. You may be interested in building your site in this CMS

Child sites

If you’re looking to create a child site of an existing EdWeb site (for example,, you must contact the lead publisher of the parent site who will be able to create a homepage for you.

New child site wiki guidance for section lead publishers [University login needed]

Root-level sites

If you would like to request a new root-level site (for example,, you will need to complete our request form below.

Requesting a brand new root-level EdWeb site

If you’d like a brand new EdWeb site you can get in touch using the relevant webform. More information is available on the EdWeb support wiki.

Requesting a brand new site (not a child of existing content) – EdWeb Support [University login needed]

It’s never too early

Remember that the CMS is only part of the picture. If you are hoping to build a site in EdWeb it is never too early to begin your preparations. Our training and support resources can be very useful when preparing your content.

Training, support and resources