Your research profile

Edit your research profile on Pure

Most of the information that you enter in your Pure profile is publicly available via the Edinburgh Research Explorer (ERE). ERE is a non-editable web portal. All the information that is displayed on the ERE is added and edited in Pure.

You need to have a current Staff record in Pure to be able to log in to Pure. If you are unable to log in to Pure, please contact your College/School Pure representative or pure@ed.ac.uk

Your Pure profile should reflect the research that you are involved in as well as the outputs and impact of that research. Please refer to the guides below when adding information to your Pure profile. 








You may also wish to connect your Pure profile to your ORCID profile, if you have one. If you have connected your ORCID profile to your Pure profile, you are then able to export the research outputs on your Pure profile to your ORCID profile.

Please refer to the guides below to create an ORCID profile, if you don't have one already, and to authorise the connection between your Pure profile and your ORCID profile.