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Name Role Business unit(s)
Mr Fraser Laing Technical Officer
James Laing Teaching Fellow
Sheila Laing Honorary Fellow
Andy Lainson
Yvonne Laird Research Fellow, Scottish Collaboration for Public Health Research and Policy
Elizabeth Lake
Mukesh Lalwani Research Fellow
Esther Lam PhD Linguistics & English Language
Hui Kwan Nicholas Lam (PhD student)
Winnie Lam Full Stack Software Engineer
Dr James Lamb Lecturer in Digital Education
Kieran Lamb
Liz Lamb Senior Secretary
William Lamb Professor in Gaelic Ethnology and Linguistics / EFI Research Affiliate
Tyler Lambie Animal Care Assistant
Peter Lamont Professor
Chrysa Lamprinopoulou Research Fellow
Stelios Lamprou
Mrs Bryony Lancaster Programme Director MSc Equine Science and Lecturer in Horse Husbandry
Arianna Landini PhD Student