Postgraduate students

Students' records and roles in Pure

Postgraduate students’ records are synchronised into Pure from EUCLID. Currently, these records are to enable capture and recording of postgraduate theses. 


To access Pure, please log in at https://www.pure.ed.ac.uk using your student number and associated password. 


Are you both a PhD student and a member of research staff?

If you happen to be both, you will have two accounts in Pure following the import of postgraduate student data. It is university policy not to merge these two accounts for reporting purposes, so you are encouraged to keep using your staff account, provided you are a current (not former) member of staff. All further guidance on this page applies to student accounts only.  Please refer to the Your Profile page for guidance for staff.

When logging in to Pure, please make sure that you are logged to EASE using the correct username and password, e.g. if you are logging in to Pure to access your student account, please make sure you are logged in to EASE using your student number and password. If you are already logged in to EASE with your staff username and password, you will need to log off EASE and then re-login using your student number and password.

To log out from EASE, please go to the University log in page.


Visibility of your Pure content

Currently, your Pure profile will not appear on Pure's public portal, Edinburgh Research Explorer. The visibility of your Pure profile is set to ‘Back-end’ (only visible to Pure users at UoE) by default. This is being reviewed.


Profile information

Click the ‘Edit profile’ button to view your profile information that has been synchronised in from EUCLID. If any of the information is incorrect, please contact your School Postgraduate department who will be able to advise on how to correct the information in EUCLID. The corrected information will then synchronise into Pure.


Adding content to Pure

As a postgraduate student, you are only able to create two types of content in Pure: your thesis (Master’s and/or Doctoral) and your CV. However, if you have co-authored any papers with other UoE staff, they will be able to add your name to the author list when they create research output records for these papers. You can also contact your School Pure administrators to ask to be added to papers on Pure. Please refer to the Pure contacts page for a list of these administrators.


Student theses:



To add a CV record to Pure click the green ‘Add content’ button, then choose the correct template.

Please refer to the guides for adding CVs.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing Pure, please contact the Pure helpline at pure@ed.ac.uk.