Postgraduate students

Students' records and roles in Pure

Postgraduate students’ records are a relatively recent part of Pure which came as an import from EUCLID. As these were added largely to enable capture and recording of postgraduate theses rather than create postgraduate students as personal users of the system, the user-driven functionality of these remains minimal.   


Are you both a PhD student and a member of research staff?

If you happen to be both, you will have two accounts in Pure following the import of postgraduate student data. There is no plan to merge the two accounts, so you are encouraged to keep using your staff account, provided you are a current (not former) member of staff. All further guidance in this document applies to student accounts only – please refer to other material in Pure for researchers section for staff guidance.


Visibility of your Pure content

At the moment, your Pure profile will not appear on Pure's public portal, Edinburgh Research Explorer. The visibility of your Pure profile is set to ‘Back-end’ (only visible to Pure users at UoE) by default, which would normally release your content into the public domain when changed to ‘Public’ – however, as mentioned above, this will be overridden by limited visibility setting until further notice. 


Editing your profile

Click the ‘Edit profile’ button immediately to the right of the generic picture for a pop-up window with your profile information. Some of the information is a result of data sync from EUCLID (name, UUN, organisational affiliation), so will not be editable in Pure. There are no University-wide guidelines on the extent to which your profile should be filled – unless you have been made aware of any local rules by your School/College, this is subject to personal preference.


Adding content to Pure

As a postgraduate student, you are only able to create two types of content in Pure: your thesis (Master’s and/or Doctoral) and your CV. However, if you have co-authored any papers with other UoE staff, they will be able to add your name to the author list when creating records themselves.


Student theses:

  • Doctoral (obligatory): please refer to the step-by-step guide How to submit the electronic copy of your PhD thesis
  • Master’s (optional): please make sure all asterisked fields are filled in, and remember to click Save at the bottom of the page



To add a thesis or CV record to Pure click the green ‘Add new’ button in the top right part of the screen, then choose the correct template.

CV: There are 4 types of CV template to choose from, the most popular being Public and Private CVs. Please read each template’s brief description to determine which suits your needs.