Import your content

Import your content into Pure from a range of sources

You can import the metadata of your publications (or research outputs) from online sources or from an RIS or BibTeX file.

You can also set Pure to automatically search online sources for the metadata of your publications.


Please note:

  • This functionality is limited to research outputs only (activities, impacts, press clippings, etc. cannot be imported into Pure)
  • The best type of file to use for an import is the RIS. BibTeX is a close second
  • Only the metadata of publications will be imported, not any associated documents, which means the full-text version of your output will need to be saved separately and then re-uploaded
  • An import from online sources like PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science will only pick up items that have been published
  • Imported files will still require rigorous checking, especially in the author field, to ensure data quality before saving it in Pure


Import from online sources (Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed, etc.)

Search online sources from within Pure and you will get a list of import candidates to select or reject.


Import from file (RIS/BibTeX)

Where Pure cannot search a particular online source, you can often download the publication information as either RIS or BibTeX file. Use the below guide to learn how to import RIS and BibTeX files into Pure.


Import from another university’s CRIS (Pure or otherwise)

If you have recently moved to the University from another institution which kept your publications in a research information system or repository, please ask your previous institution for an RIS or BibTeX file of your publications. You can then import your publications into Pure from file using the guide above. Afterwards, the records will need to be validated locally (by a Centre/School/Deanery/College research administrator) before they appear on Edinburgh Research Explorer. 

Some institutions may also be able to provide you with a PDF of other content types such as activities and prizes, but you will have to add these to Pure manually. Please see our guides on how to add new content to Pure. 

If you are leaving the University and would like an RIS or BibTeX file of your publications, please contact Pure support - pure@ed.ac.uk


Setting up an ongoing automated search 

You can set up your Pure account to perform an ongoing search in one or more online databases for academic publications which have appeared under your name or ID. The automated search will notify you of any import suggestions for your content in the Tasks menu in Pure. Please note, automated searches are only available for Academic staff.