Import your content

Import your content into Pure from a range of sources

You can import your content into Purefrom a range of external sources. This is typically done if you need to transfer a large amount of content at once – when, for example, you have joined UoE from another institution. Additionally, an ongoing automatic search for your publications online can be set up.


Points worth considering before importing content:

  • This functionality is limited to research outputs only (activities, impacts, press clippings etc. are not included)
  • The best type of file to use for an import is RIS, BibTeX a close second
  • An import will only transfer metadata of records, not associated documents, which means the full-text version of your output will need to be saved separately and then re-uploaded
  • An import based on searches in PubMed, Scopus, WoK etc. will only pick up peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published
  • An import will still require rigorous checking, especially in the author field, to ensure data quality before saving it in Pure


Import from online sources (Scopus, Web of Knowledge etc.)

This option is used to import a group of research outputs from a number of online sources, where an in-system search brings up a list of potential candidates for import which can then be brought into Pure or rejected. 


Bulk import from another university’s CRIS (Pure or otherwise)

If you have recently moved to the University from another institution which kept your publications in a research information system or repository, and would like them imported, please ask the relevant contact to send a RIS or BibTeX file with your publications to pure@ed.ac.uk. These will then be imported for you into Pure. Afterwards, the publications will need to be validated locally (by a Centre/School/Deanery/College research administrator).

If you are leaving the University and would like an import file of your publications, please contact Pure support - pure@ed.ac.uk


Setting up an ongoing automated search to pick up import candidates

This search will pick up your journal articles that have been published, from several online sources (PubMed, Web of Knowledge, Scopus, ArXiv etc.) and will suggest candidates for import within your Pure profile. The proposed candidates will then need to be either claimed as yours or rejected as belonging to someone else before being imported. Typically, the latter can only done effectively by yourself or a member of support staff who has a very good idea of your research field (e.g. a PA).