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Looking for help with Blogs.ed?

For WordPress resources please visit the blogs.ed SharePoint for support on creating your first blog along with videos and 'How to' documentation which we recommend viewing if you are new to WordPress.

Blogs.ed SharePoint site

There are also lots of useful tutorials and documentation freely available on the WordPress official support pages.  


NOTE: some of the functionality, plugins and themes described in materials developed elsewhere may be different to those available in

If you aren't sure which blogging platform would suit you best, turn to our interactive decision tree for personalised advice.

Interactive decision tree

Want a bigger picture of what each platform offers? Consult or comparative matrix.

Comparative matrix

Not sure how to write for an academic blog? 

Get some useful tips on blogging in general

Have you made sure your blog is accessible to readers suffering from vision impairments and disabilities? Read our page on how to write an accessible blog to make sure.

How to write an accessible blog

Has one of your questions not been answered yet? It might have been touched upon in our blogging FAQ

Blogging FAQ

Would you like to get more information on useful links and training available? Consult ourtraining and workshop page below

Still need help? Contact the IS Helpline

IS Helpline

Training and workshops

Find out what training and workshops are available to expand your blogging skills.