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Find out what training and workshops are available to expand your blogging skills.


Blogging to build your professional profile 

This workshop will introduce you to the new Academic Blogging Service and provide an overview of the benefits of professional blogging, writing for blogs, understanding privacy, copyright and open licensing, and how to amplify your blog with social media.  The workshop will also guide participants through the process of setting up a new blog. Links to additional support resources and courses will also be provided. 

Please note: This workshop will not cover the technicalities of using WordPress. The Academic Blogging Service has provided a list of links to tutorials, videos and documentation that we recommend viewing if you are new to WordPress.  

Upcoming training dates

The training is currently run approximately once per month and should be booked through the Event Booking Channel on MyEd.   Search for 'blogging' to see all of the courses available.

The workshop materials are available, as a blog, to refer to:

Self-help training 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers courses and videos on how to get started on WordPress. More tailored courses also exist which focus on making your blog accessible to your whole group or organisation. 

Self-Enrol Learn course

Writing online is not like writing academic essays: We have a self-enrol course to tell you more about writing effective digital content.


If you feel you would like to enhance your digital skills as you start your blogging journey, consider 23Things. 23Things is a fun and engaging self-paced online learning course that will expose you to a range of digital tools for your personal and professional development as a researcher, academic, student, or professional.  

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