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Find some useful links and documents to help you navigate your blogging features.

There are lots of useful tutorials and documentation freely available on how to use WordPress. We have created a reading list of videos and documentation which we’d recommend viewing if you are new to WordPress. We also recommend using the Help available in WordPress itself.

Please note that the some of the functionality, plugins and themes described in materials developed elsewhere may be different to those available in

Finding your WordPress dashboard on - Finding your WordPress Dashboard (193.15 KB PDF)


Using the WordPress admin panel/dashboard

There are lots of sites around which give detailed instructions on how to use the dashboard:

Who can see your blog - Privacy Settings (215.41 KB PDF)


Adding a new post

There are lots of sites around which give detailed instructions on how to add a post:

Adding a static homepage

There are lots of sites around which give detailed instructions on how to add a static homepage:

Creating a menu

 If you want to create a custom menu for your blog, these self-help resources might help.

Adding in widgets to help navigation

You might want to add in widgets to the side panel of your site that display links to the most recent posts or which allow you to look at posts by category.

Changing appearance

Some themes work a little differently. These differences are described in the following Theme helpsheet:


Useful plugins - PDF and Print Plugin (228 KB PDF) - Google Analytics Plugin (243.97 KB PDF) - OpenAttribute plugin (270.76 KB PDF) - Category Excluder Plugin (124.93 KB PDF) - FeedWordPress Plugin (369.63 KB PDF) - Cryout Serious Slider Plugin (421.95 KB PDF) - Broken Link Checker (256.35 KB PDF) - QuickLaTeX Plugin (240.03 KB PDF) - WP Accessibility Plugin (316.42 KB PDF) - Akismet (180.12 KB PDF) - UoE Share Buttons Plugin (108.69 KB PDF) - Flickr Gallery Album Plugin (152.64 KB PDF)

Managing users

 WPBeginner article on user roles and permissions, includes tutorial video and comparison infographic. - Managing Users (217.26 KB PDF)


Importing and exporting

 Before you migrate, please look at our Blog Migration Checklist.


Using media - Using Media (279.38 KB PDF)

Blog analytics

 University web stats with Google Analytics 

Changing the name of your blog - Changing the name of your blog (164.52 KB PDF)


Changing permissions - Privacy Settings (215.41 KB PDF)

Making sure your blog is accessible

 If you want more information about writing your blog in an accessible manner, consult our page on how to create accessible content.  

Providing your WordPress materials in another format

 If you want to provide your WordPress material in another format, read our Accessible Material page.  

Choosing how your name displays - How you are displayed as a user (154.42 KB PDF)


Changing the settings for blog post comments

  Consult this video tutorial to learn more about managing comments and spam.  

How to change blog category - Changing your blog category (162.07 KB PDF)


Following blogs (using RSS feed)
Managing comments - Managing Comments (315.07 KB PDF)

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