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Migration checklist

Here is what you need to know before you migrate your existing WordPress blog into our centrally supported WordPress service.

Tick all that apply

Check the theme: The specific theme I need to use is available on OR I am not wedded to a specific theme. See below for more details.
□     Check installed plugins: All the plugins I currently use are available on OR there are alternative plugins which do the same thing and I’m happy to use. See below for more details.
Check users: All of the WordPress users who administer and edit the site have EASE usernames/passwords. See below for more details.

Check the theme

We have a specific set of themes available in, and users can’t install their own. This helps us keep the service secure and stable.  Please check our theme list (secured)  – if your preferred theme isn’t listed, you can request we add a theme and we may consider it.  If the theme you prefer is unavailable and this is an issue, then we’d recommend that you don’t migrate your blog yet.

Check the plugins

Similar to themes, we have a specific set of plugins and users can’t install their own. Again this is for the security and stability of our platform. Please check our plugin list (secured) – if the exact plugin you need isn’t available, there may be an alternative which is suitable. Again, if you require a plugin that isn’t available and this is an issue, please contact us to request the plugin is added, and we will consider it. If you have an important plugin in your current blog which is unavailable in our blogs.ed. platform, then we’d recommend that you don’t migrate your blog yet.

Check the users

The users of our blogging service must have a University log in, unlike other WordPress installs. If you need editors/administrators from outside the University, you might want to look at DIY or customised blogs instead.

Happy with the checklist?

If you’ve checked all three of the items in the checklist, then we suggest you do a trial import on a hidden blog to make sure it migrates properly. You can delete this blog later.

View guidance on migrating your blog into Blogs.ed:

Things to check after your migration

  • Have your media elements copied over to or are they still sitting on your old blog space?
  • You’ll need to add any other administrators or users you had on your old site, rebuild any menus and set up any customisations to the theme. If you want to redirect your existing blog domain (under to your new site, please let us know.

List of available themes (secured)

Find out which themes are currently available on

List of available plugins (secured)

Find out which plugins are currently installed on