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Digital Skills Programme

Our Digital Skills Programme consists of over 140 courses open to staff and students. Our courses run throughout the academic year, and are delivered by trainers and experts from across the University.

Below you can find our themed digital skills training blocks for Semester 1 2024/25. The blocks focus on specific audience groups and spotlight various digital skills topics. If you are unable to join a course during one of the dedicated blocks, do not worry, as most of our courses run regularly throughout the academic year.

We are in the process of uploading further details about the Semester 1 programme. Some information may be missing and we will supplement it as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please email the Digital Skills Team (

Programme and bookings

We will upload the programme for Semester 1 2024/25 soon. You can view the entire Digital Skills Programme for Semester 2 2023/24 on our Documents Catalogue:

Student Programme

Staff Programme

Our student courses can be booked through the University’s Event Booking system:

Digital Skills Programme courses on Event Booking

Most staff courses can be booked through the People & Money Learning app (note that a few staff courses are bookable via Event Booking – these are marked ‘Event Booking’ in the staff programme):

Digital Skills Programme collection on People & Money

For instructions on how to book onto a course please see our People & Money course enrolment guide in written and video format.

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