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Website and Communications

Website and Communications coordinates the management and development of the University’s corporate web publishing framework.

The University website provides the initial point of contact for the vast majority of potential students and staff and is used daily by virtually every member of the University community.

The University Website Programme support  the central Content Management System (CMS), EdWeb. EdWeb uses Drupal, an open source technology, bringing new business and user opportunities.

Website services

The Website Programme also provide a range of website and support services, including:

Website provision

As part of the management of the central content management system, the team provides services and support for you to design and build a new site.

Site building and development

Technical support and development

The Programme team support the services underlying the website, including search functionality and the management of cookies.

Technical support & development

Training and community

Empowering more University staff to get involved in the management of a customer-focused website is core to the team's work. As well as providing training to hundreds of EdWeb users across the University, the team provide support and training and facilitate a strong web publishing community.

Training courses

User community


Stratos Filalithis

Head (Acting) of Website and Communications

  • University Website Programme

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Neil Allison

User Experience Manager