Stratos Filalithis

Head (acting) of IS LTW Website & Communications


Stratos is the acting head for the University Website Programme, supporting the University's key strategic goals, while overseeing the management and support of the University’s corporate Web Content Management System (EdWeb) and other high-level University online services.

Stratos joined the University in 2013 and worked in a number of roles supporting and managing the technical delivery of the corporate web CMS and associated digital services, including the University web search engine.

Before joining the University, he ran his own web development company in his native Greece, through which he rolled out a number of websites in the fields of e-commerce, crowdsourcing and tourism.

WIth an interest in technology and digital strategy, Stratos spends a lot of effort being updated on the latest developments in areas related to the web, service management, project and business methodologies and techniques, and user behaviour and experience.


Stratos' expertise in service and change management is underpinned by the  ITIL Intermediate Certificate in Release, Control and Validation certificate. 

His years of web development experience are built upon his MSc in Distributed and Multimedia Information Systems, studied at Heriot-Watt University in 2003.

Responsibilities & affiliations

  • Leading strategic direction for the University Website Programme
  • Ensuring the University's strategic vision is actively supported through the management of its online presence
  • Maintaining communications, fostering consensus and coordinating activity across the University's devolved web management community
  • Managing change implementation for the University website, EdWeb CMS and associated digital services

Groups memberships

  • Web Governance Group - The group's remit is to ensure the efficacy of the University website, secure funding and resources and be accountable for key priorities.
  • EdGEL Steering Group - The group exists to ensure development direction, prioritise business requirements, and liaise regularly with University website stakeholders.
  • ISG Learning, Teaching and Web Services Senior Management Team - The team consists of LTW senior managers and confirms alignment of strategy to fulfil common objectives.

Non-University Group memberships

  • Orama Greek Professionals Network - Board member. Providing professionals with support, in order to pursue their career goals, improve their skills and achieve their ambitions. 

Project activity

Stratos is involved in a range of projects relating to the University's core web services, currently having the role of project sponsor. Main areas covered are the:

  • corporate University Website
  • underlying Web CMS, EdWeb and the standalone web development tool, EdWeb Distribution
  • University's digital design framework, EdGEL
  • central University Web Search

Recent projects list

Blog posts


  • Becoming Open Behind Closed Doors - How the University of Edinburgh is transitioning to become a more open environment for web development, after the move to use Drupal, an open source Web Content Management System