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Lecture Recording User Community Event

The first ever UK Echo360 user community event was hosted in Edinburgh this month giving the opportunity for HE colleagues to come together to discuss lecture recording.

Karoline Nanfeldt, Lecture Recording Programme Student Intern
Karoline Nanfeldt, Lecture Recording Programme Student Intern

Representatives from Edinburgh Napier University, University of Glasgow, University of Strathclyde, University of Dundee, Manchester Metropolitan University and University College London participated in the event, alongside representatives from Echo360.  

The University of Edinburgh team provided a comprehensive overview of experiences to date in implementing Media Hopper Replay.  Karoline Nanfeldt, student intern, delivered an excellent presentation on the virtues of employing students – a ‘win, win’ opportunity, and delegates were particularly impressed with our solution for delivering chalkboard recordings as devised by Euan Murray from Learning Teaching Spaces.  University of Glasgow and UCL also delivered stimulating contributions.  

Feedback on Media Hopper Replay has been universally positive, confirming we’re offering a comprehensive and quality service in Edinburgh with a strong focus on the student experience and a comprehensive package of help and support for academic colleagues.   




(Ed. this article was originally published on 13 Nov, 2017)