Centre for Inflammation Research


June 2019: AIRItalks disseminate scientific knowledge to a wider audience

The aim of AIRItalk was to disseminate scientific knowledge to a wider audience in a very informal and interactive way, with the final goal to reduce as much a possible the barriers existing between the scientific community and the Society.  Young and motivated Italian scientists delivered inspiring talks on different topics, from immunology and medicine to psychology, art and philosophy.

In the first appointment,  AIRItalks hosted two scientists from the University of Edinburgh, Dr Samanta A Mariani (CIR) and Dr Luca Cassetta (CRH).

Samanta gave an overview of the fundamental role played by haematopietic stem cells in our body, with a special focus on liquid tumors, transplantation and embryonic development, while Luca talked about the role of our immune system in fighting solid tumors and which novel strategies scientists are studying to improve cancer treatment.

The event was a success, very interactive and engaging.

The Italian Institute received this feedback regarding the event:

Just a brief email to say how much we enjoyed the two AIRI talks, and to congratulate you on the brilliant idea to stage such an event. It was excellent to have the chance to listen to experts on some of the major issues and problems facing our present world of cancer and its complications, plus the activities of the researchers dedicated to fighting it. We look forward very much to following the next steps in this fascinating initiative.

Hi, I thought both talks were very well put together and you covered complex topics while keeping the pace fairly fast and engaging. It also made me feel very hopeful that the level of research is so advanced that we may have radically new cancer treatments in the next 2 decades. The nice buffet didn't hurt either!

Great speakers and a very nice buffet! I would most probably come again.