Centre for Inflammation Research

'Amazing Immunology' Workshop at local Primary School

April 2019: CIR researchers take part in the Craigmillar Community Science Festival Event

The CIR public engagement team was out and about this week taking part in the local Craigmillar Community Science Festival. The team (consisting of Calum Bain, Marc Vendrell, Samanta Mariani, Ross Mills, David Taggart, Utsa Karmakar, Nadine Struckman, Milly McAllister and Jennifer Shelley) took the 'Amazing Immunology' workshop to Niddrie Mill Primary School on Monday 1st April. Through animations, puppetry and play, the children learn about how dendritic cells sense danger and elicit T cell responses through presentation of antigens.

The feedback from the workshop was very positive, with all children (and teachers!) saying they had learnt something new and that they had fun.