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Inflammation in COVID-19 – Exploration of Critical Aspects of Pathogenesis (ICECAP): Information for clinicians

Information on the ICECAP COVID-19 post mortem study

Thanks for your interest in the ICECAP COVID-19-post mortem study.  Below is a brief outline of what the study entails.  At the bottom of this page there are links to the information sheets and authorisation forms we are providing relatives.  In addition, there is a more detailed summary of the ICECAP project and the rationale behind it.  Any questions, please feel free to phone 0131 376 1019 or email david.dorward@ed.ac.uk


Thanks again,

The ICECAP study team.



To determine whether viral cytotoxicity or immune response is primarily responsible for death in COVID-19 in order to rapidly inform clinical management.



Confirmed SARS-CoV-2 positive


Lung injury (pneumonia, pneumonitis, ARDS)





Discussion with Study Team (ideally) before death:

Dr David Dorward (Pathology) and  Dr Chris Lucas (Respiratory)

Telephone number0131 376 1019 (24hrs)


After the family have been informed of the patient’s death, ICECAP specialist nurses will discuss authorisation for post-mortem with the nearest relative and complete all necessary paperwork.

Hospital post-mortem in 4-18 hours from time of death.

Provisional post-mortem report issued immediately.

Full post-mortem report in 6 weeks.


 REC 16/ES/0084