Eligibility and application

Find out whether you are eligible to participate and how to apply.

How do I apply?

COVID-19 update

The University's most recent guidance is that essential business travel may progress, subject to full risk assessment/approval processes.  

Due to FCDO guidance advising against travel to many of our ICM partner countries, we are not currently opening applications outside of Europe.  We will review this monthly. 

Applications for Europe will be accepted where FCDO guidance does not advise against travel to the host country.

Travel will only be possible where all of the following conditions have been met:

  • FCDO guidance allows travel to a country - it is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor FCDO guidance throughout the application process and pre-departure,
  • The applicant's School approves the activity as essential,
  • The applicant has completed and had approved, a COVID specific risk assessment and insurance application.  This risk assessment is mandatory and must be submitted as part of your travel insurance application. You must ensure that you follow the accompanying flow chart before completing the risk assessment and then follow your normal authorisation process prior to booking any travel or accommodation ​​​and
  • The host institution is available and willing to offer an opportunity.  Applicants should note that staff mobility opportunities may not be available at this time.  European partners may be approached directly by the applicant; in the case of ICM partners, SWAY will liaise with partners and advise on the availability of staff mobility opportunities.

Before completing an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility application, please check that you have followed the guidance in the COVID-19 update above.  You can then complete an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Application by downloading it below. 

Please send all completed applications, with risk assessment, by email to (for Europe) or (for ICM).  

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Application Form

Your application should demonstrate clear objectives and a provisional teaching or training programme covering at least 8 hours.  (It is also possible to undertake a combined teaching and training visit, with a minimum of 4 hours of teaching required.) You should also indicate how your activity will contribute to the strategic goals for internationalisation of your Service/School/College and the wider University.

Successful applicants will be required to complete an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Teaching or Training Agreement and Grant Agreement prior to departure - these forms will be sent to the participant with confirmation of the funding allocated plus other important documents and guidance. 

For information on how we use your data, please view our privacy notice:

Go Abroad - Staff Privacy Notice

Am I eligible to participate?

The programme is open to all staff with a contract of employment at the University of Edinburgh.  Applicants may be employed in a full time, part time, permanent or temporary capacity but must be on a current contract at the time the planned Go Abroad for Staff activity is scheduled to take place.

Unfortunately staff whose contract is with a subsidiary of the University (eg. Edinburgh Innovations) are not currently eligible to participate. 

PhD students with a contract of employment at the University can also apply for funding under this programme.  Please note, however, that you cannot apply for Erasmus+ funding as both student and staff member during the same academic year - if you have received Erasmus+ funding for an exchange or work placement/traineeship (or anticipate applying for funding for either of these) then you should not apply for Go Abroad for Staff funding.  

How long can I go for?

Teaching and training visits to Europe may last from 2 days to 2 months, though most staff spend around 1 week abroad. 

Visits to our non-European partners last for 1 week, with no flexibility to extend or reduce this period.   

What are the selection criteria?

All applications will be considered subject to availability of funding.  Applications for staff mobility within Europe will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, with no deadline.  

Applications for staff mobility outside of Europe are normally considered via several application rounds throughout the year. All submitted applications will be considered following the next published deadline. In exceptional circumstances applications may be considered before the deadline.  

Where funds/available places are limited, priority will be given to:

  • staff undertaking a teaching/training visit for the first time
  • staff from Schools and departments which have not previously received funding for an Erasmus+ teaching/training visit

Other factors which will be considered:

  • the strength of the business case
  • the relevance of this visit to the staff member’s role
  • the potential impact of the visit upon the individual, the School/Service and the UoE as a whole
  • the staff member’s access to other travel opportunities


College and Unit participation 2018/19 infographic