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Risk Assessments and Travel plan

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Risk assessments

The Sustainable Travel Policy requires that a risk assessment and travel insurance are in place prior to all travel undertaken for and on behalf of the University.

All of the University’s potentially hazardous activities should be subject to a risk assessment, with the aim of controlling risk to an acceptable level. That would include any risks associated with the travel itself, political situation, infection risk, weather, environmental hazards, and any hazards associated with the (work and other) activities that the individual is involved in whilst they are away. This risk assessment would also include planning for reasonably foreseeable emergency situations, such as loss of personal equipment such as ‘phone/wallet/luggage, or crime such as mugging, or illness or injury, etc.

The complexity and detail in the risk assessment should be commensurate with the risk of the travel involved. For local or national travel, this may be a simple travel plan to ensure your home school/department is aware of your movements during your travel, emergency contact details, travel plans (e.g. by train, or bus etc.), accommodation details etc. For international travel the risk assessment will require to contain more details, in particular if you are travelling to a country with higher risks (such as political unrest) or your plans contain a higher risk (such as field work or you are visiting a number of cities during your travel and therefore local travel booking is required).

Local/national travel

A simple travel plan template is available that can be used to keep your school updated with your plans and also upload into the travel booking system and insurance application. If you travel often to the same or similar places, for example conferences around the UK, you can simply edit your previous Travel Plan with the dates and venue you are going to.

In addition, ensure that your electronic diary is up to date with your travel plans, and your home school/department has up to date contact details for both yourself and any emergency contacts.

Not all local/national travel will be low risk, or there may be elements that have a higher risk component, such as fieldwork or higher risk tasks such as lone working. If this is the case, you should ensure that the appropriate risk assessment is undertaken for this. You may find that your funding body or school require this as part of the application process and the same risk assessment can be used for travel purposes, if it covers the risks adequately.

International travel

All international travel will require a suitable risk assessment. This is to ensure that all risks have been adequately identified and reviewed prior to booking travel and insurance. The Travel risk assessment template can be used for this purpose, although your home school/department may already have a process in place locally with their own travel risk assessment templates and processes, such as sign off by senior staff.

In addition to travel risks, you should ensure any other tasks being undertaken at your destination are also adequately risk assessed, such as fieldwork or high risk activities in relation to your visit. If your travel includes multiple destinations during your trip, ensure that you have a plan in place for regular contact with someone in the University, such as an agreed time for contact, and that there is a well-known escalation process if that contact is not made as agreed.

Template documentation

Business Travel Plan

Travel Risk Assessment (Word)

The risk assessment contains an annexe on advice when travelling to areas with high environmental air pollution