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Risk Assessments and Travel plan

Guidance and templates for risk assessments and travel plan

Travel (including fieldwork) risk assessment and guidance during Covid-19 situation

Travel (including fieldwork) on University business can now be undertaken but a Covid-19 specific travel risk assessment must be completed for any travel on University of Edinburgh business, both within the UK and abroad. This risk assessment must be submitted as part of your travel insurance application, and will be mandatory for submission.  Ensure you follow the accompanying flow chart before completing the Covid-19 risk assessment and thereafter follow your normal authorisation process prior to booking any travel or accommodation. Also see the further guidance related to fieldwork on the WYNTK page for staff.


Risk assessments

An essential part of preparation for foreign travel, or a field trip, is carrying out a risk assessment. This must be undertaken well in advance of your travel and it must be countersigned by your Head of School or Support Unit. A template Travel Risk Assessment is available to assist with this.

The University Insurers may require to see a copy of your authorised risk assessment form before insurance is confirmed – the Insurance Office will contact you directly if this is the case.

If you are undertaking field work, a Health and Safety Field Work Risk Assessment (FA1) should also be completed.

Travel Risk Assessment (PDF)

Travel Risk Assessment (Word)

The risk assessment contains an annexe on advice when travelling to areas with high environmental air pollution


Travel plan

A Business Travel Plan has been formulated, in conjunction with AON, following the Travel Audits in 2012. This form can be used as a basis for an itinerary for all overseas business travel.