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Incoming staff mobility visits

Guidance on hosting incoming staff visitors

What is staff mobility?

Most (though not all) staff mobility requests we receive come under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme. This programme enables academic and non-academic staff to undertake teaching and training visits to partner universities within Europe and beyond.  Staff can apply for Erasmus+ funding through their home university towards the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence.  Visits usually last around 5 days and may involve teaching activities, job shadowing, workshops or training events. 

These kinds of visits can be mutually beneficial for professional development, sharing knowledge and best practice, and in building relationships and partnerships.  

The UK's departure from the Erasmus+ programme means we currently have no central funding available to support outward staff mobility activities for University of Edinburgh staff.  However, staff from European institutions may still apply for Erasmus funds from their home institution to undertake short teaching or training visits to the UK and we continue to receive many requests for incoming staff mobility visits. 

In the interests of maintaining and developing valuable partnerships and collaborations which have been built over many years, we hope to continue to welcome staff to teach and undertake professional development, post-Erasmus. Should you wish to host staff from European institutions, it’s still possible for this to happen within the Erasmus programme, if the home institution is willing to support the visit.  Incoming staff should apply for funding via their home institution.  

We receive a large number of unsolicited Erasmus+ staff mobility requests, and it is not possible to accommodate all applicants.  There is no obligation for us to receive applicants and staff mobility visits should be mutually beneficial.  If you do not feel that it would be convenient or beneficial to your team to host a visit, please feel free to respond accordingly.

How do I host an incoming staff visit?

It is easiest to accommodate visits where the applicant provides us with information about:

  • their proposed visit dates
  • their teaching/training interests
  • the aims and objectives of their planned visit

If you receive a request to host a staff mobility visit and would be interested in doing so, arrangements can be made directly with the prospective visitor(s), though it would be helpful for Study and Work Away Service to be aware of the visit.

Staff with Erasmus+ funding from their home institution will usually have some documents requiring signature - these should be signed by a member of staff on behalf of the hosting School/Subject Area/Professional Service and will generally consist of:

  • Teaching/training mobility agreement outlining their dates and planned programme of activity
  • Certificate of attendance confirming that the teaching/training programme was completed

Incoming teaching mobility visits

Please note that teaching mobility visits (unlike training mobility visits) will usually require signature of an inter-institutional agreement - these must be signed centrally by SWAY. 

Please email us to request signature of any inter-institutional agreements:

What support can we provide to incoming staff?

There’s no obligation for us as the host to organise accommodation or anything outside of the working visit.  However, to assist incoming staff visitors, you may wish to direct them to the following information in advance of their visit:

University accommodation

Campus tours

Staff visa service

Visitors would normally be recorded on the Visitor Registration System, to enable them to access wifi on campus and, if necessary, to gain access to the library and other University facilities: 

Find out more about the Visitor Registration System

International staff weeks

The Study and Work Away Service (SWAY) collaborates with the University of Amsterdam to offer regular international staff weeks.  Participants from institutions worldwide are invited to spend a week in Edinburgh and Amsterdam, where they will attend:

  • Workshops and seminars on topics such as international partnerships and collaborations, intercultural communication, and the role of international offices in designing study abroad programmes.
  • Panel discussions featuring staff and faculty from different universities and countries sharing their experiences and insights on international collaboration and student mobility.
  • Networking events and cultural activities that provide opportunities for staff from different universities and countries to connect and build relationships.

Our most recent staff week took place in September 2023.  There are no dates planned for 2024.

Information about our joint staff weeks